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This is me

First of all I want to introduce myself to you:

I was born 1990 in a middle class family with two older brothers. I grew up not knowing what lack of anything feels like. As a white person read as a girl I had no struggles in kindergarden or primary school. In secondary school I had some challenges with the boys* in our class because I didn’t accept when they wouldn’t include me in some activities because I was a girl*. But I never really reflected on this and it wasn’t big troubles because I always have been a person trying to find a compromise and not wasting too much energy on things I had the feeling I couldn’t change. In high school I had my best friend and was ok with everyone, but I didn’t involve in a clique or so. When I graduated, I already knew what I wanted to study and started right away with my bachelor of architecture. In my first semester I learned a lot about sustainable construction and working with clay and straw. Sustainability always had played a big part in my life my mother always made sure we separated the waste and bought local organic food from the farmer in the next village. This was long before FFF or the climate conference in Paris 2015. So for me it was interesting how sustainability affected so many parts of our lives… I never before had critically thought about construction with concrete, even knowing I wanted to become an architect since I was 13. So during my studies of architecture I focused on sustainable and natural construction as much as possible. I did an internship in France building a garage out of rammed earth, I attended many workshops with Martin Rauch and Anna Heringer (the Gurus of earth construction in Austria and Germany) and I took part in a summer school organised by a studio of my university BASEhabitat on natural construction methods. Also my master thesis was discussing sustainability, but about that later. So after I finished architecture I started working in an office, part time because I also started my studies of social work, why I will also tell you in another post, here I am trying to finish my master thesis at the moment. So while doing all this, I was also always growing my own food, organising a foodcoop and started foodsharing. I only buy vegan food at the store and I buy my clothes second hand or make sure it’s fair fashion.

All those topics I want to talk about on this blog…

Published by Eyerish

Photo (c) Stefanie Hueber